Car Title Loans in San Jose CA – Client Testimonials

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“My friend referred me over to Kelley Title Loans in San Jose, and it took me less than 5 minutes to decide to call them. After I was approved over the phone, the lady booked a convenient time for me that also fit my schedule. I work 2 jobs, so it’s not really easy to take time off. It was sure easy to collect the much needed cash though! You guys are terrific and professional.” – Randy

“I was finishing up dental school, and needed to borrow a few bucks to pay off my tuition. I had a negative credit score because of my years studying to become a dentist. I was very happy to learn that I had been approved, and we even worked out a very flexible payment plan. Thank you very much for the car title loan.” – Kurt

“I needed a fast title loan, and immediately thought of you guys, based on my friend’s recommendation. He told me how professional you were, and that he was able to still drive his old Buick. I can now attest to the professionalism that you guys displayed to me. I really can’t say enough good things about Kelley Title Loans.” – Henry

“Christmas was coming up, and I really wanted to surprise my parents in Ohio, but I was short a few bucks. Not only did I get to keep my beloved and cherished Chevy Nova, I was also able to put a few smiles on a few loved ones. You guys really made my Christmas special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Justine