Car Title Loans – FAQ

Get the Answers from the Top Loan Lenders in San Jose CA

Please find below some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to Car Title Loans in San Jose California. These might assist when considering of taking an auto title loan. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions that were not included in the below.

Q: What is a car title loan?

A: A car title loan is a secured loan on your car’s title. You give us your car’s title and we give you cash. As soon as the loan has been paid in full, your car’s title is returned to you.

Q: Can I still apply despite my negative credit history?

A: Absolutely! We work with all applicants, regardless of past credit history. You can qualify even if you had credit problems.

Q: How do I qualify?

A: There are a few quick steps to determine this. You need to provide us with some basic details about your car and proof that your vehicle is registered in California. We then factor everything together, and determine how much to loan you.

Q: How often do I repay the loan?

A: We provide you with an easy and flexible payment plan, once you’re approved.

Q: How do I collect my money?

A: Once you’re approved, you’ll visit out San Jose office, and collect your money. It’s just that easy!

Q: How long do I have to wait before I can collect my cash?

A: The vast majority of the transactions take less than 15 minutes or less if you’ve been approved. So you can get the money in just 1 hour after being approved.

Q: Do you guys use my vehicle as collateral?

A: Yes. The good news is that you still keep your car, while you pay back the loan. We become the lien holders of your car’s title, and once the loan is paid completely, you will get back the title.